Believe in Music Media is a little project that I've decided to start. :)

First off, my name is Jess and I'll be running this blog (for the most part). I used to write for where I used to write CD reviews, venue reviews, band reviews and interview bands. Ever since Shred went down hill, I didn't realize how much I'd miss it.

So, with this project I'm going to start out locally with bands that may or may not be known that well. I'm really excited to see where this goes.

P.S. Local bands are the future. You should be paying close attention to them.
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Hey we're a pop/punk band from Ohio. If you would check us out, tell us what you think and like our facebook page you would be amazing!! :D
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Part 3: Interview with Call Me Anything!

Part 2: Interview with Call Me Anything!

Part 1 of our interview with Call Me Anything!

Check out our interview with All Night Affair!

Would You Rather With Westland

Preview from an interview we did with Call Me Anything this weekend!

It’s been awhile, yes?

We’re sorry about that! Things got a little hectic last month where Sarah and I were unable to find time for BIM. Things have finally settled down enough to where we feel comfortable to start making time for BIM in our schedules. We promise that we’re not dead or anything! College has been pretty crazy for us, with me (Jess) just starting up a new summer semester and Sarah having orientation and starting her new job.

We’re working on setting up interviews at this very moment and finding new bands for all your pretty little ears. :)


Would You Rather with Small Talk

@Milford Youth Center

Would You Rather with Visions at the Milford Youth Center

Our Interview with Small Talk at the Milford Youth Center on May 7th. Enjoy :)

So we have this little surprise for you that has something to do with Small Talk. If we can get 100 facebook likes we might feel like sharing it ;) Also don’t forget to keep an eye out for our interview with them that will be posted soon!

Here’s out facebook link:

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Hey guys! Here’s our interview with Westland.

The band talks about their CD, upcoming projects, music video, and how they got started.

Check them out Here!

The choice is yours though.

Do you want Would You Rather with VISIONS or Westland’s interview?

Let us know!